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Our Mission
To help people from around the world enjoy positive experiences from the best local businesses.
It all began when...

"I was searching for a good moving company to help me relocate in San Diego. Since my friends had no suggestions, I turned to the Yellow Pages. Just out of college and low on dough, I went with a local moving company who were backed by the BBB, boasted the best rates in town and I could relate to their name! Unfortunately, this company took twice as long as promised to get the job done and worse, they charged me triple the price originally quoted over the phone. In fact, they even took my TV hostage (my one prized possession at the time) until I finally caved and paid the inflated price.

If only there was a way to know how businesses are truly treating their customers. A way to know which businesses are the best? That's when I began dreaming of an online community where people could share their knowledge and experiences to help one another find the best local businesses and stay away from the worst.

And shortly thereafter, MojoPages was born."

-Jon C.
Founder of MojoPages

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