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Studewood Pharmacy

427 W 20th St, Ste 101, Houston, TX 77008
Studewood Pharmacy Mojo 3/ 5
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  • United Drugs
Products and Services:
  • Accepts Most Health Care Plans
  • Cash Prescription Card Program
  • Client Care
  • Clinical Oversight
  • Filling America's Health Care Prescriptions
  • Independent Pharmicists Cooperative
  • Locally Owned & Operated
  • Managed Care Contracting
  • Management Information
  • Member Discounts
  • One of the Largest Chains of Independent Pharmacies in the Country Personalized Prescription
  • Prescription Benefit Management
  • Switching Services
  • Technology Tools
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Monday, March 29, 2010
I have been trading at studewood pharmacy for years and they
I have been trading at studewood pharmacy for years and they have always been fast , helpfull and professional .I would highly recomend them.

Recommended: Yes


Saturday, June 21, 2008
I called this pharmacy last month to fill a specific drug
I called this pharmacy last month to fill a specific drug brand.The guy said he would if I brought my other prescriptions there or had them transfered.I told him no problem,I would do that.It took a few days to get there and it was the right brand.A few weeks later I brought a different prescription in that had 5 refills,no problem.Today I go there after seeing my Dr. and a Few days ago I saw a dentist that gave me a prescription for some mouth rinse.I had 3 with me to be filled.1 was the brand name and the other two it did not matter to me.The generic on the brand name give me headaches and after going through Chemotherapy it is not good to take alot af aspirin. told the girl that the pharmacist I talked to would order the brand name as long as I would bring my other prescriptions there.she looked in the computer and said that I had NOT filled any other prescriptions with them like blood pressure medicine.I told her that I have,and I would bring the empty bottle in from the truck outside.The girl said the prescriptions I had were narcotics and if I did Not have any other prscriptions(like blood pressure medicine)that it would make them"LOOK BAD".and she could not fill them.So they lost a NEW customer.I was wrong about the blood pressure medicine I still had 1 refill left on it from another pharmacy where I have 2 prescriptions more that I was going to bring to them when the refills were up.That is 6 prescriptions all together.When I got home I saw a commercial on T.V.for 1 of the(narcotic)prescriptions.So I guess If you have high blood pressure medicine that needs to be filled go there.If not,you will have high blood pressure after you leave.I am just glad that I did not transfer my prescriptions over to them,and the 1 that I still have 5 refills left I am going to transfer back to another phamacy other than STUDEWOOD PHARMACY.

Recommended: Yes
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