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Camera Co-Op

801 Durham Dr, Houston, TX 77007
Camera Co-Op Mojo 3/ 5
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* "Serving Houston Since 1989"<br>* "Houston's Black & White Darkroom Specialists"<br>* Buy, Sell, Trade<br>* Great Selection Of Digital SLR Cameras & Accessories. * Highest Dollars Paid For Clean Photo Equipment <br>* Cameras<br>* Lighting<br>* Darkroom<br>* Collectable's<br>* Full Line Of Digital Cameras & Accessories<br><br><br>BRAND<br>* Nikon<br>* Canon<br>* Fuji<br>* Kodak<br>* Bogen<br>* Ilford Photo & Inkjet Papers<br>* Epson <br>* Studio Lighting And More

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  • Kodak
  • Nikon
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Thursday, October 29, 2009
Decent store, but do your homework on products.
I've been going to Camera Co Op since I first took a B&W photo class in high school and needed to purchase my first real camera. The employee who attended to me that time gave me a reasonable deal on a used camera and all the necessary equipment to get me started. I've been going back ever since even after the move and I've never really had a problem as far as the employees, they've always been pretty helpful for instance I once went in with an old polaroid pack camera and asked for help with film and an employee went through the trouble of cleaning the camera's battery contacts and loading the film and showing me how to use the camera outside as it wasn't as simple as just pressing a button. Recently I went in and asked another employee to recommend some rechargeable AA's and he handed me a charger and 4 battery combo and rang me up, I went home feeling I got a good product but the batteries were dead on arrival even though they were advertised as being ready to use out of the package, I've since charged them and used them in different flashes and cameras and I keep getting terrible results, these batteries were hardly worth the 40 dollars I paid for them and i've gone back to using my rechargeable energizers. I just wish they wouldn't recommend/sell such lousy products or at least refund my money on what I believe was a lemon.

Pros: knowledgeable staff, wide selection
Cons: faulty products, return policy needs improvement
Recommended: Yes


Saturday, January 3, 2009
Highly Recommended!
My husband and I are completely new to digital SLR cameras. We went here looking for a lens, not really knowing what we needed. All the staff that helped us were extremely helpful, friendly, professional, and helped us without talking "down to us". The first lens we purchased was apparently not compatible with our camera, and we had to go back to the store two or three times within an hour, before it finally became apparent that it was not compatible. Each time they were unfailingly smiling, helpful, and as glad to see us as they were the first time we entered the store. We ended up purchasing another lens; after the trouble we'd had, the manager even gave us an exceptionally good deal. We also traded in some old 33mm equipment we no longer use, and found some small accessories I'd been unable to find elsewhere. Prices are very reasonable. We'll go here again and again!

Pros: friendly, knowledgeable staff, good variety of used and new equipment
Cons: parking a little hard to get in & out of, limited parking
Recommended: Yes


Monday, July 21, 2008
Very Good Store & Staff
A friend referred me to Camera Co/Op on Durham because he found the people there to be very friendly and helpful. My friend told me this over my cell phone as I was leaving a well known camera store on Richmond where I received almost no help at all. When I arrived at Camera Co/Op I met Erwin who led me through a very significant purchase (for me at least). He was patient and he carefully answered my questions. He even introduced me to their used lens inventory when I reacted to the price of a very nice new lens. I wound up with a new camera and lens, together with a very nice used lens, for what I was prepared to pay for just the camera and one lens. The internet stores do not do this. While I was there I found the atmosphere there was quiet in spite of what seemed to be steady foot traffic for the two or so hours I was there. No one rushed me or appeared frustrated with my questions. And, they had what I wanted in stock. Finally, Erwin was careful to explain the warranties and the store's return policy so there would be no misunderstanding later on. I really appreciated this. I hope this store remains in business in spite of the internet market.

Recommended: Yes


Wednesday, April 16, 2008
Cold Shoulder
Some back story. I have been going to Camera Co-Op for about 7 years and have had most good experiences. I have spent THOUSANDS,,,,not hundreds,,,THOUSANDS of dollars in this store, $5,000.00 in the last 2 years. Having said that I thought I had a good relationship with the store and they gave me deals and in turn I did not buy on-line to save money, instead I paid more at their store out of loyalty,,,well NO MORE!

The last 3 times I have been in the store I have had sales people RUN from me when I came in and I finally found out why. I was told by a photographer friend that uses the store that I was being made fun of and laughed at because I "talk too much" while there. And that they did not like talking to me. I say OK, fair enough. I will buy my Canon 1D Mark III and ALL other items form on-line retailers. I will NEVER use this store EVER again. The store is full of itself and becoming arrogant with the collapse of other camera stores in the area. The know they are the only game in town and it is starting to show it's ugly side.

Take care Camera Co-Op..,.........Scott Evans has left the building!

Pros: None really
Cons: Apathetic staff, arrogant and condesending, terrible parking
Recommended: Yes


Saturday, August 18, 2007
Fine camera store, somewhat snarky, semi-unprofessional staff
I bought some film and a filter accessory from this establishment on 8/18/2007.
The bearded gentleman who helped me was thoroughly knowledgeable and helpful in
helping me make my purchases. After completing my sale, I heard him and another
gentleman (the younger bearded gentleman) make some uncharitable remarks about me
under their breath, while I was about 6 feet away from them. This was thoroughly
unprofessional behavior, the kind that sours one from patronizing an otherwise
outstanding camera store in the future. While Houston Camera Exchange are rude
to your face, a few of the clerk at Camera Co-op I presume save their snide remarks
after you've completed the sale. Lame.

Pros: relatively competitive pricing on used gear
Cons: somewhat snide, unprofessional staff
Recommended: Yes
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